Istanbul – Offers Everything that a Holidayer’s Heart Desires

In today’s world all of us love going on vacations at least once in a year. It is an opportunity for us to get closer to near and dear ones. One can surf the net and find several holiday options. But there is no better place to visit than the Istanbul. Istanbul is a beautiful city that belongs to the country Turkey. Istanbul has all the elements to make a vacation with dear ones, a memorable experience. Most importantly the locals in Istanbul are so hospitable that they welcome tourists with a big heart.

The city offers a number of hotels both luxury and budget! For those in thirst of a high end luxurious experience, can book into the 5 star hotels of Istanbul. But those on a low budget, need not fret for the city has a number of budget hotels on the offering too. One can easily book into the Cheap Istanbul Hotels that contrary to the adjective are rather luxurious and have most of the needed amenities that a travel would be on look out for.

Places to See

A few of the many tourist delights in Istanbul include the Dolmabahace palace, the grand bazaar, maiden’s tower, Basilica Cistern, and the Hagia Sophia. While in Istanbul do not miss taking the Gallipoli day trip that is a moving experience you will cherish for a lifetime. The trip takes you through beautiful landscape to visit the horrific sites, cemeteries and memorials of the past that Istanbul hides. You can also go on a conducted tour of Istanbul by the night that is mesmerizing. The food tours are equally enjoyable and you can actually feast on many turkish delights

Best time to visit

Istanbul enjoys a border line subtropical and Mediterranean climate. It has only two summer months but the rainy and cooler days are as mystical and magical as the summers. Tourists visit Istanbul in September when it is warm and nice to do some sightseeing. Some prefer March- April when it is slightly cooler.


As mentioned earlier, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities in Istanbul. The city boasts of a number of 5 star hotels as well as budget hotels. Few of the best Cheap Istanbul Hotels include Naz wooden house, the Sultan’s Inn, and Deniz houses. All of these hotels have remarkable facilities for a budget traveller. Not only do they offer the best of accommodation but also help in arranging sightseeing tours.

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Istanbul – The Best of East and West

Istanbul, for many years, was the Jewel of the East. The city has seen umpteen changes over the years, but it still retains its fighting spirit and some of the greatest architecture of the Byzantine period. Known as Constantinople for a long time, Istanbul was the capital of the Turkish empire for a long time. Even though Ankara is the capital of the country, it is Istanbul that holds the key to the country’s rich heritage, culture and history. This city combines the best of the West and the East. You can enjoy the serenity of the countless mosques and churches that litter these roads while listening to some soothing Sufi Music. You could go and try hawking with one of the countless merchants around the Hagia Sophia. The possibility is countless. The only thing that might prove to be slightly troublesome is the budget. Istanbul is a city of indulgence- you might find it slightly difficult to restrain yourself from buying the thousands of trinkets and sweet meats that are available on every single road. But you can always book a room for yourself in one of the cheap Istanbul hotels.


Experience Istanbul as a tourist


Istanbul has become highly modernized, but there are few parts of the city that seem like they have been frozen in time. The Hagia Sophia is a place you must not miss. It is breathtakingly beautiful and it is steeped in history. The Grand and Spice Bazaar is a must-see for people who yearn for adrenaline rushes. If you want to do a little bit of shopping, it would really help for you to go there really early in the morning. Local traditions dictate that the shop owners give good rates to their first customers- if you are the first customer, you are incredibly lucky! The Sultanamet marketplace next to the Hagia Sophia is quite good as well. This market caters to the tourists, so you have to be very careful about the prices (shop vendors are not really the most honest men in Sultanamet). Sultanamet is quite close to the beautiful Blue Mosque too. If you are interested in walking down the road less tread upon, you could visit the galleries down at Istiklal Caddesi.


Accommodation in Istanbul


There are cheap Istanbul hotels, but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind. You only get what you pay for. Istanbul is a beautiful city, so any cheap hotel with a view will be worth the price. There are tonnes of other options as well. There are a lot of boutique hotels that offer high level of luxury and cleanliness. If you think that larger hotels are too impersonal, you could always opt for a smaller, more personal hotel. These medium sized hotels are quite amazing for they actually personalize every single room. These personal touches make these cheap Istanbul hotels worthy of attention.


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Gold Coast – Let it Mesmerize You

Australia is famous for its tourist destinations and gold coast is the most famous amongst them all. In fact it is said, that if you are an adventurous person and love fun and adventure, Australia is the right place for you. While in Australia, there is no dearth to fun and adventure and your thirst for adventure can be fuelled by the options available in Australia. As mentioned before Gold Coast is the most popular destination that provides you with an array of events to choose from. The best place to quench your thirst for real adventure is certainly in Australia.

It goes without saying that traveling can be an expensive affair. And if you are on a trip to Australia mainly for the fun and adventure the country offers, it is a good idea to minimize your expenses on hotels and use the same for more fun. The cheap gold coast hotels are the best options for one to stay. Most of your time is spent on the beaches and when you come back to your hotel tired and exhausted, all you need is a comfortable bed to lie on and relieve all your stress. These hotels are highly affordable and will suit your requirements really well.  These hotels cater to your needs, and make sure you feel at home though away from home.

The cheap gold coast hotels along with its price offer services which make the heart feel content and pleased. They offer spa treatments which are very soothing after a tired day at the beach. There are also themed parks which are fun to hang out in and elevate your moods and spirits. These theme parks have something for everyone and both adults and kids can have a blast. The gold coast has the most renowned beaches which are famous worldwide and offers exciting water activities to make their visitors glad. The locals here leave no stones unturned to please the tourists.

The subtropical climate in Australia is rather pleasant, through most seasons of the year including winter that are mild. The many beaches and waterways will always leave you longing for more. The city has a number of popular and beautiful surf breaks. While in Australia do not miss a trip to the spit, broad beach, palm beach, rainbow bay among the many other water sports. Every day, there are some events which the tourists can choose and decide to participate. These events include mountaineering, trekking, gliding, river rafting and many such fun filled adventurous activities. The Gold coast also is a film production center where a number of movies are shot year after year. A visit to Australia is sure to bring back with you memories that will last a lifetime. Once you visit Australia, the hotels, the sights, the beaches and the people there, will all win your hearts and leave you mesmerized.

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