Istanbul – Offers Everything that a Holidayer’s Heart Desires

In today’s world all of us love going on vacations at least once in a year. It is an opportunity for us to get closer to near and dear ones. One can surf the net and find several holiday options. But there is no better place to visit than the Istanbul. Istanbul is a beautiful city that belongs to the country Turkey. Istanbul has all the elements to make a vacation with dear ones, a memorable experience. Most importantly the locals in Istanbul are so hospitable that they welcome tourists with a big heart.

The city offers a number of hotels both luxury and budget! For those in thirst of a high end luxurious experience, can book into the 5 star hotels of Istanbul. But those on a low budget, need not fret for the city has a number of budget hotels on the offering too. One can easily book into the Cheap Istanbul Hotels that contrary to the adjective are rather luxurious and have most of the needed amenities that a travel would be on look out for.

Places to See

A few of the many tourist delights in Istanbul include the Dolmabahace palace, the grand bazaar, maiden’s tower, Basilica Cistern, and the Hagia Sophia. While in Istanbul do not miss taking the Gallipoli day trip that is a moving experience you will cherish for a lifetime. The trip takes you through beautiful landscape to visit the horrific sites, cemeteries and memorials of the past that Istanbul hides. You can also go on a conducted tour of Istanbul by the night that is mesmerizing. The food tours are equally enjoyable and you can actually feast on many turkish delights

Best time to visit

Istanbul enjoys a border line subtropical and Mediterranean climate. It has only two summer months but the rainy and cooler days are as mystical and magical as the summers. Tourists visit Istanbul in September when it is warm and nice to do some sightseeing. Some prefer March- April when it is slightly cooler.


As mentioned earlier, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities in Istanbul. The city boasts of a number of 5 star hotels as well as budget hotels. Few of the best Cheap Istanbul Hotels include Naz wooden house, the Sultan’s Inn, and Deniz houses. All of these hotels have remarkable facilities for a budget traveller. Not only do they offer the best of accommodation but also help in arranging sightseeing tours.

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